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Nom de l'entreprise : Orange SA
Ville : valbonne 06560

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Type de contrat : cdd
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Date de publication: 12/03/2023

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..Within the Orange Innovation Division, whose ambition is to take Orange innovation further and strengthen its technological leadership, the IT and Services / BIZZ Department brings together service innovation activities for companies in the fields data and AI, IoT, connectivity, collaboration, workspace, customer relations, etc. A third of the 300 employees are dedicated to Research activities. Within the IT and Services business direction you will join the Data Intelligence 4 Business team whose activities focus on the development of services based on artificial intelligence.

Description du poste

Your role is to carry out a post-doc on : "Ethics of AI in federated learning     Europe defends responsible AI and published in mid-April 2021 the "AI act" [2] aimed at legislating on high-risk AI. Societal concerns about discrimination, privacy, transparency, explainability and the responsibility of data scientists and companies are growing [3]. At the same time, technology continues to improve the performance and accuracy of models. More particularly, federated learning [4] allows to respond to concerns about privacy/confidentiality between different actors. However, at the same time, it raises complex and new ethical problems especially in the case of federated learning involving several companies willing to train a common model (cross-silo federated learning) among which fair participation of all [5]. Finally in France from 2022, mobile operators and internet service providers will have to indicate the carbon impact of their customers' digital activities and artificial intelligence is a significant element to take into account.   The objective of the post-doc is to propose and develop tools allowing the development of cross-silo federated AI models that are above all fair and have a low carbon footprint. You will tackle the problem of fairness due to training data [4] [2] [3] and the mechanism of training a model [4] [5] [6]. You will also focus on making models explainable and less energy consuming [11][12].  By taking as a framework the generic use case of a high-risk AI and taking into account the specificities related to cross-silo federated learning , you will propose tools (KPI and alert system) to report any potential bias and minimize the carbon footprint of the system as a whole (indicators and warning system on all components). planning 

Profil recherché

Personal qualities desired by the position.  You have very good knowledge of AI model development and particularly in federated learning / deep learning, edge intelligence. You are ethically sensitive. You are autonomous and take initiatives. You appreciate teamwork.   Skills (scientific and technical) qualities desired by the position.  You have a PhD In artificial intelligence or data science obtained in the last two years. Professional experience internships, etc.)  Work carried out in the field (publications, report, participation in workshops). requested training.   

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